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4 - 6 May 2007, Nové Mlýny lake - Pavlov, The Czech Republic

ISAF World Sailing Ranking List Event: GR 3 - Laser S+R, Finn, 470
Czech Sailing Cup for Classes Laser Standard, Europe, Finn, 470 and 420

HOME PAGE: http://www.palavska.com

1.Venue and classes
Nové Mlýny - Pavlov, YC Dyje, The Czech republic
Classes: Laser - S+R , Finn, Europe, 420, 470

2.Organizing authority
The Organizing Authority is The Yacht Club Dyje Breclav.

3. Advertising category
a) All boats shall meet requirements as provided in ISAF Regulation 20 - "Advertising code"
b) A boat displaying her own advertisement shall have a valid license under Individual Advertisement License System if have been introduced by her MNA (ISAF Regulation 20.4.3)
c) Boats may be required to display a bow number and advertising of the event sponsors on the side of the hull.

4. Rules
a) The Regatta will be governed by The 2005-2008 Racing Rules of Sailing.
b) The official language of the regatta is English.

5. Time schedule

Friday, May 4  
8.00 - 9.30AM Registration, measurement
10.00AM Opening ceremony
12.00AM Start of the first race
Saturday, May 5  
10.00AM Racing day
6.00PM Social evening
Sunday, May 6  
10.00AM Racing day
  No races will be started after 3.00PM
(3.00PM) Prize giving ceremony

The programme is based on 9 races during 3 days.

6. Eligibility
The Regatta is open for all competitors, which comply with rules ISAF Regulation 19 - "Eligibility Code".

Age limit:
LASER, EUROPE, 420: each competitor shall be a minimum of 12 in the year 2007.
FINN, 470: each competitor shall be a minimum of 14 in the year 2007.

7. Sailing instructions
The Sailing Instructions will be available at registration.

8. Entry, Registration, Entry fee
The preliminary entries must be sent to organizers by Internet (Palavská regata Home page: http://www.palavska.com/prihlaska.html) till April 29th 2007, latest.
It will be also possible to fill the entry during the registration.

In course of the registration the competitor shall do / present:

  • Fill the entry
  • pay the entry fee
  • Czech Sailing Association License with medical approval no older than one year (only for Czech competitors)
  • Documents in accordance with ISAF Regulation 19. (foreign competitors)
  • Valid Class Certificate
  • A license in accordance with the ISAF Regulation 20, if the Individual Advertisement License System have been introduced the MNA of the boat.
  • Signing the entry form agrees to be bound by Racing Rules of Sailing and other document valid for this regatta.

The entry form of any junior competitor (under the age of 18) must be signed by the adult taking responsibility for the competitor at registration.
This person also confirms that the buoyancy of the boat and the life jacket of the competitor is in compliance with valid rules.

Entry fee: 550,-CZK or 23,-EUR/boat for classes Laser S+R, Finn, Europe
Entry fee: 900,-CZK or 33,-EUR/boat for classes 420, 470
The fee includes participation in the race, camping facility in the YC and participation in related events.
Late Entry fee: ( from April 30th till May 4th 2007): 800,-CZK or 30,-EUR/boat for classes Laser S+R, Finn, Europe
Late Entry fee: ( from April 30th till May 4th 2007): 1200,-CZK or 45,-EUR/boat for classes 420, 470

We would like to ask all the competitors who has registered via Internet and eventually will not take part in this regatta to deregister.

9. Prizes and Categories
9.1      Prizes in Pálavská regatta Home Credit will be awarded for overall first, second and third place in each class.

In addition to Overall Results following categories will be announced:

LASER STANDARD: Boys and girls under 21
  Boys under 18
  Girls under 18
FINN: Boys under 21

9.2      The competitor's age completed in 2007 is decisive for the age category:
boys and girls under 18 - A competitor shall be a maximum 18 in the year 2007. (born in the year 1989 or later)
boys under 21 - A competitor shall be a maximum 21 in the year 2007. (born in the year 1986 or later)

The competitors who would not attend the result announcement ceremony shall not obtain the prize.
All participants shall obtain the results lists only after the final ceremony.

10. Scoring system
Low point scoring system, rule A2, will apply.

11. Television and media
The organizing authority shall have the right to use any images and sound recorded during the event free of charge.

12. Liability and insurance
Competitors will participate in the Pálavská Home credit Regatta entirely at their own risk. The Organizing Authority will not accept any liability for personal damage, injury or death, sustained in conjunction with, prior to, during or after the Regatta. The Organizing Authority disclaims any and all such liability.
Each competing yacht si recommend to have valid third party liability insurance with a minimum cover of 5 million CZK.

13. Support boats
The organiser must allow possible use of motor boats accompanying particular teams or competitors.

14. Contact, Information

Contact: E-mail: info@palavska.com
  Fax: +420/ 541 240 453
Information:   http://www.palavska.com

15. Accommodation

  • In caravans and tents within the Yacht Club site
  • In pensions and hotels in villages Pavlov and Dolní Vestonice

MORE INFORMATION: http://www.palavska.com

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